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Pelosi Forgets Colleague’s Name, Loses Train of Thought 20 Times

‘— To be honoring them for their mathemagical ... genius’

Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave her weekly press conference today on Capitol Hill, although it appeared her mind was a million miles away.

From the start, Pelosi — who frequently seems to lose her train of thought mid-sentence — had a rough go.

Speaking of “STEM,” education, Pelosi unsuccessfully attempted to explain what the acronym stands for.

“Women in STEM — science, technology, education, and math,” she said, mixing up “education” with “engineering.” 

She then forgot how to pronounce “mathematics,” saying instead something like, “mathemagical.”

The worst moment, though, came when she set herself up for failure — asking the gathered reporters if they might like to hear her name her six committee chairmen. She managed to list the first five, but then drew a blank, and looked to her aides for assistance. Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.) was sadly not at the tip of Pelosi’s tongue.

In between mispronouncing words and forgetting her colleagues’ names, Pelosi also lost of her train of thought — repeatedly.

Over the course of a relatively brief 20-minute press conference, we counted at least 20 times Pelosi’s brain failed to deliver the words she was seeking. 

For more, check out the montage above.

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