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Pelosi: Illegals Killing Americans ‘Not a Justification’ for Apprehending Families Crossing Border

‘We live in an imperfect world’


PELOSI: “The president will have problems on his own side of the aisle for exploiting situation in a way that enhances his power. But not to go there. Let's see what he does. Right now there is a path, open up government. Let’s have this discussion on where we can agree on the best ways to protect our borders, to secure our borders, to to so in a way that honors our values. And the president’s going to the border. Now, we're saying maybe the trip isn't necessary — he goes and comes. But let me just close by saying this. Clearly there is a disparity of shared values here, in terms of respecting the dignity and worth of everyone, being concerned about ever death that happens because of -- because we live in an imperfect world. And that’s very sad. But it is not a justification for having more children die in custody or be separated from their families.” 

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