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Pelosi Mocks Trump: The Letter Was ‘Kind of Like a Valentine,’ Kim Jong Un ‘Must Be Having a Giggle Fit’

‘I think it’s a good thing for Kim Jong Un’
By Grabien Staff


PELOSI: "I think it's a good thing for Kim Jong un. Here you have a thug, a person who killed his own family members, a person who has -- runs a police state, being legitimized by the president of the United States. They were on a par with each other. He got the global recognition and regard. He's the big winner. And when he got this letter from the president saying 'OK, never mind' — he must be having a giggle fit right there now in North Korea, in Pyongyang. As you probably remember, maybe not, I'm one of the few members of Congress has been to Pyongyang, the capital, right into the north, not at the border, but to their capital within intelligence trip. Most of the members who were on that trip are no longer in Congress now. But it is a police state, it's a terrible place; the suppression of their people, the brainwashing that they do."

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