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Pelosi: The Rioters Were Vocally Saying ‘Where’s Pelosi?,’ ‘We Know She Has Staff,’ ‘We’re Going To Find Them’

‘And the direction was to go get people’
By Grabien Staff


PELOSI: "You see what they did to the mirror there? The glass was all over the place. They took a —"
STAHL: "They smashed it."
PELOSI: " — computer and all that stuff. But — laptop. And then the desk that they actually were at was right there, that they defamed in that way, feet on the desk and all that."
STAHL (voice-over): "That man was arrested on Friday. And the F.B.I. is investigating whether any of the agitators, some seen in ballistic vests, with zip ties, intended to kidnap or kill legislators or their staffers."
STAHL: "They were coming to find you. I — maybe to hurt you, I don’t know."
PELOSI: "The evidence is now that — that it was a well- planned, organized group with leadership and guidance and direction. And the direction was to go get people. They were vocally saying, 'Where’s the Speaker? We know she has staff. They’re here someplace. We’re going to find them.'”

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