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Pelosi: ‘The White House Is Crying out for Impeachment’

‘That’s why he left yesterday’

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi says the White House is "crying out for impeachment," after the executive branch is rebuffing Democrats' demands for more materials related to the president's taxes. 

Speaking of yesterday's contentious meeting in which Trump told Democratic lawmakers that he can't work with them on infrastructure spending while he's being targeted with congressional investigations, Pelosi told reporters Thursday: "Maybe he wants to take a leave of absence." 

"The White House is crying out for impeachment," she said of Trump leaving yesterday's meeting. "It is not behavior that rises to the dignity of the office of president of the United States. Having said that, as I said, I actually ardently pray for the president, because we need -- I don't know. Sometimes we're talking to him he's -- he agrees. And then I said one time. Who's in charge here? Because you agree and all of a sudden something changes. What goes on there? Who's in charge? And he says he's in charge. And I suspect that he may be. And I suspect he may be even more since yesterday, because I don't think that any responsible assistant to the president of the United States would have advised him to do what he did yesterday."

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