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Pelosi: ‘Yes, I Am’ ‘100 Percent Confident’ Democrats Will Win the House Back

‘The path to victory is something that we work together on’
By Grabien Staff


REPORTER: “You seem to express a great deal of confidence by repeatedly saying when you would win. Are you 100 percent sure of victory tonight in your mind?"
PELOSI: “Yes, I am. And let me just say why. As I travel, I listen to the VIPs, the volunteers in politics, all the people who knocking on doors, making calls and the rest. And I say to them, 'Every step you take, every door you knock, every call you make, every sign you plant, every postcard you send, all of that can make a difference.' Because these individual races will be close. And the outpouring of mobilization by various groups all working together springs from the quality of our candidates. They are inspired by our candidates and that's why they're getting out to vote.”

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