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Pete Buttigieg Calls for Universal Income: If You’re ‘Raising a Child, Isn’t That Work?’

‘But maybe we ought to broaden our definition of work’
By Grabien Staff


BUTTIGIEG: "We're at the outset of learning about what these policies could do on the ground. There's an experiment going on now in the city of Stockton with what's called universal basic income where they are simply distributes payments to people to make sure that income floor is lifted. The idea is there are too many Americans who couldn't find even $400 in an emergency to get them through that. Now I'm not yet sure we know that that's the right way to go, but I think it's the bold policy we should contemplate if we can construct it in the way it's connected to work. But maybe we ought to broaden our definition of work. So for example, if you're taking care of a parent or raising a child, isn't that work? Shouldn't we honor that too?"

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