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Pete Morici: ‘Bush, Clinton, Obama All Enabled China by Being Lenient with Them’

‘China is the enemy of our time’
By Grabien Staff


MORICI: “Well they’re right to be nervous in the sense it’s going to take some effort to unwind our relationship with China, but unfortunately, presidents bush, Clinton, Obama, all enabled China by being lenient with them overlooking their violation of W to rules letting them steal American technology and so forth and what have they done with all of the money they’ve earned or stolen? Basically built a blue order Navy that intimidates its neighbors, it’s just a travesty. We shouldn’t be building up China and disengage there’s plenty of other places to get cheap labor and trade and so forth into Asia but it’s going to take time to unwind these things and I want to say simply ordering companies to do it isn’t going to work but rather these tariffs make sense. You want to see democratic hipocracy, you were talking about the borders. Hillary Clinton ran on a 25% tariff. Barack Obama promised to do something about it and the column recommended that President Obama impose a 25% tariff just a few weeks ago he’s condemning President Trump for doing it. It’s really terrible that this is becoming a partisan issue. China is the enemy of our time. This is the moment we have to get behind President Trump on this.”

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