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Peter Doocy on Jen Psaki: ‘When I Challenged Her She Would Challenge Me Right Back, Probably Has Made Me a Better Reporter’

‘I’m grateful to her for that’
By Grabien Staff


DOOCY: "And I would say in that montage, which is great, good job to the Fox and Friends team for pulling all that stuff, a lot of very serious topics, but it could be sporty and that’s fun and that’s okay. And something that you noticed there. It’s not just me asking questions. She would ask me questions right back. When I would go in there was something that was not part of the White House talking point for the day, she would ask me every single time, who was saying that about us, or where are you getting that from? And so, I always had to have it ready right away, and I think that all that extra homework that I knew I had to do, because when I challenged her, she would challenge me right back, probably has made me a better reporter, and so I’m grateful to her for that."

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