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Piers Morgan Blasts Meghan Markle’s Presence at Queen’s Funeral: ‘Very Hard to Stomach’

‘Of course, the whole racist thing was atrocious’
By Grabien Staff

(Via Mediaite)

Many British people are finding Meghan Markle’s presence after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II “hard to stomach,” according to Piers Morgan.

Covering the queen’s funeral on Fox News on Monday, both Morgan and Sharon Osbourne blasted Markle and her past comments suggesting there could be racism in the royal family after a comment about her baby’s skin color.

“Of course, the whole racist thing was atrocious. And it is like, if you were going to talk about it, then say who said it and what they did say, but the thing is you can’t believe anything after that interview because of the 17 lies that were told,” Osbourne said.

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