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Pirro Slams ‘Outright Criminal,’ ‘Freaks’ Responsible for Capitol Riots: Stop Blaming Antifa!

‘And I don’t care what happened in the past or whether those who did it think the election was stolen’
By Grabien Staff


PIRRO: “I want to be clear. The actions at the United States capitol three days ago were deplorable, reprehensible, outright criminal. These repulsive frightening actions represent the worst break on our capitol in 200 years. I don’t care with happened in the past and if those who did it think the election was stolen. 75 million of us are angry about the election but we don’t storm the terrorists. And stop looking for people to blame including the dirt bag antifa. For those who did it, you did it of your own will and you will be held accountable. Take the veil of politics off. Anyone watching this must condemn it. In the end. What was the point? What did you get out of it? What was the plan once you got in there besides looking like a bunch of freaks, identifying yourselves with selfies, stealing, damaging property, trespassing, looting? Five people are dead in your wake. A police officer, an air force veteran, not to mention countless injured, including a young police officer on video streaming as he’s being crushed, blood coming out of his mouth. Did anyone stop to think with this foolhardy effort to stop the congressional hearing you have smears 75 million of us because of what you did? Did anyone change their vote? No. You tarnished all the good that’s been done the last four years because of this senseless lunacy. Worst of all you have yielded the moral high ground to those who have repeatedly and consistently taken away our freedoms, freedom of religion. Our right to be with our families and. As you prance around like a bunch of idiots in the capitol.”

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