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Pompeo: ‘America and Americanism Is Something that We’ve Got To Be Proud of’

‘Our glorious history shouldn’t be revised, it should be revered’
By Grabien Staff


POMPEO: "I was a few weeks back in Indianapolis, speaking to the American Legion in Indianapolis. And I said — I said, you know, America and Americanism is something that we've got to be proud of. I think sometimes some of us take things for granted. Our glorious history shouldn't be revised, it should be revered. And the truest expression of that reverence is the safeguard and live by the principles by which this country was founded and those people who forged this unique place. That's why I'm here today. I want to talk about how proud of the American tradition I am every time I travel around the world, why we must recover a proper understanding of that history and America's special place in the world. That tradition, that American tradition begins with a set of unalienable rights. Our nation's founding created them, they're the beating heart of who we are as an American body today and as Americans.”

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