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Pompeo Calls out Russia for ‘Shamelessly Violating’ Nuclear Treaty

‘It’s our duty to respond appropriately’


POMPEO: “We provided Russia an ample window of time to mend its ways and for Russia to honor its commitment. Tomorrow that time runs out. Russia has refused to take any steps to return real and verifiable compliance over these 60 days. The United States will therefore suspend its obligations under the INF treaty effective February 2nd. We will provide Russia and other treaty parties with a formal notice that the United States is withdrawing from the INF treaty effective in six months pursuant to the Article 15 of the treaty. Russia has jeopardized the United States security interests and we can no longer be restricted by the treaty while Russia shamelessly violates it.  If Russia does not return to full and verifiable compliance with the treaty within the six-month period by verifiable destroying its INF-violating missiles, their launchers and associated equipment, their treaty will terminate." 

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