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Pompeo: China Was Rating America’s 50 Governors on Their Feelings Toward China

‘They are tracking a lot of Americans in the business world, senior leaders and government, not just federal level’
By Grabien Staff


POMPEO: "Look, the Chinese Communist Party presents the singular great threat from outside of the country, and I had come to learn through some classified information that the Chinese Communist Party was tracking all 50 of our governors in great detail and evaluating them, Mark, if you can believe this, giving them a rating, you know, 'on the team,' 'off the team' or 'we’re working on you,' essentially. I've seen also that the Governors Association was going to have a meeting in Washington, D.C., I called then-Governor Larry Hogan and then-governor of New York Cuomo, the two leaders of the NGA, and asked for 20 minutes. I don't think they figured out why the Secretary of State wanted to see the governors, but when I was there, and it was a sleepy Saturday afternoon, they were kind of paying attention to me, but when I told them I had in my hands a recently declassified report where the Chinese Communist Party had been tracking them, following them, measuring them, evaluating them, working on them, every one of them wanted to see what I had in my hands. And it says the lesson to us that this problem from the Chinese Communist Party isn't somewhere over there, it is inside the gates. They are tracking lots and lots of Americans in the business world, senior leaders in government, not just at the federal level like we saw with Representative Swalwell, they are working to do both propaganda and collect secrets. We have to do better. That day I alerted the governors to that very risk."

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