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President Biden Answers Twitter Questions

‘Did I have my morning cup of coffee today? Yes.’
By Grabien Staff


BIDEN: "'Hey, can I get my stimulus check?' Yes. You can get your stimulus check as soon as the House and Senate pass my legislation. We committed to you, Democrat and Republican, a $2,000 stimulus check. $600 came forward last time around. Another $1,400 will be coming. I believe that it should go to people who, in fact, are in need. That is working class folks and middle class folks. 'When are you ramping up vaccination production?' We started ramping up immediately. When we got here, we found out that, because there wasn't much communication and much cooperation with the last administration as it should have been to let us know exactly the state of things we were inheriting, we found out there wasn't nearly sufficient vaccines.”

(via YouTube)

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