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Progressive Media Invent Fake Story Alleging Conservative Fury over Malia Obama Drinking Wine

The reality is ... actually the opposite

After The Daily Mail reported Malia Obama has a private Facebook page in which the former First Daughter can be seen drinking rosé wine on a vacation shortly before her 21st birthday, progressive news sites … pounced.

Surely, many of these outlets wrote, conservatives will react furiously to this news of “underage” drinking. And that would prove they’re hypocrites. After all, some of these same conservatives defended Justice Kavanaugh after he admitted drinking in college. 

These progressive sites appeared to have composed their articles before actually locating conservatives who were upset at this “news.”

AlterNet, as an example, published an article titled, “MAGA-heads lose it after the Daily Mail posts malicious article about Obama’s daughter drinking rosé and hating Trump.” Unfortunately it wasn’t able to locate any “MAGA-heads” who attacked Malia for drinking wine, but did spot a few obscure Twitter accounts that hit Malia for “TDS” (an acronym for Trump Derangement Syndrome).

Popular progressive personalities online made the same accusations. Rewire.News senior legal analyst, Imani Gandy, claimed conservatives were “frothing at the mouth” over this report:

Tweet #1097655530452123649

Grabien reached out to Gandy to ask which conservatives she’s referring to and has not heard back.

The Twitter user The Volatile Mermaid, who boasts more than a quarter million followers, claimed conservatives’ reaction to this story proved their hypocrisy:

Tweet #1097655530452123649
Tweet #1097813323922460672

Grabien News ran a search of Twitter users commenting on the story and could not find a single conservative personality attacking Ms. Obama for drinking. However we located dozens of examples of progressive Twitter accounts accusing conservatives of doing as such. A few examples:

Tweet #1097678507579269120
Tweet #1097679953657761793
Tweet #1097632755251322881
Tweet #1097608374777245696

Indeed, conservatives online who commented on the story said it’s a non-issue.

Tweet #1097669317179502592
Tweet #1097707058844090368

After an obscure Twitter account posted a video of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez dancing in college, a similar media phenomenon occurred. Many on the left began writing stories about conservatives being upset that the freshman congressman had once appeared in a video dancing. 

But like the conservative condemnations of Malia’s drinking, these conservatives attacks on AOC were … entirely in the imaginations of these progressive media outlets. 

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