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Protesters Erupt at Rep. Slotkin Town Hall Over Impeachment: ‘That’s a Lie!’

‘This is flimsier [than Mueller probe]’
By Grabien Staff


SLOTKIN: “And I did not think, you know, the events of that or the actions of that time were worthy of an impeachment inquiry. And I didn't because I thought we needed to let the election of 2020 decide what was going to happen in our country.
That changed for me on the very basic fact that the President of the United States came out — (Crowd booing) — and his lawyer came out and said very specifically that they had reached out to a foreign power and asked him for information on a political rival.
(Crowd protesting)
Rudy Giuliani said it openly on television. The President responded accordingly when asked by a reporter. And for me, that was fundamentally different. That was something fundamentally —"
(Crowd protesting)

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