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Przybyla: Racism and Dog Whistles in Florida and Georgia Have Tightened the Polls

‘This is a test for the media’
By Grabien Staff


PRZYBYLA: “This is a test for the media, too, Joe, because there’s absolutely no evidence, they provided no evidence and they said that, in fact, there is no sign that anything was actually hacked. Of course, this comes as the issue of voter suppression and voting rights is a hot button issue there with the Democrats trying to get those absentee ballots counted. But I did want to also point out to your point about racism and race and how race is factoring into this, it is as the race issue became really prominent that the polls tightened, because it was only a couple of weeks ago that DeSantis had the lead and then he made that fateful comment about 'monkey it up.' Then we had the racist robocalls coming into the state. Then President Trump called him a thief. All of these dog whistles. And what did we see? We saw the polls tightening. So while some of these ads that are really culturally sensitive and culturally insightful may be playing well in some of those rural states like Montana where the President has a big base, what we’re seeing in Florida and Georgia is that it’s making the polls tighten.”

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