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Psaki on DeSantis’ Twitter Space Announcement: He Got Himself on the National Map by ‘Not Interacting with Humans’

‘People weren’t seeing him in person’
By Grabien Staff


PSAKI: “I'm not sure the conversation went exactly that way, but I don't fully understand the Twitter piece other than to say, Twitter is sort of how Ron DeSantis -- because people weren't seeing him in person, because he wasn't interacting with humans, how he kind of got himself on the national map. So maybe that was their thinking. The question really after this is, once you do the Twitter, once you do the fundraising, and get as much as you can from donors as you can, how is it going to go in early states? We've seen an inkling of it, but what's most of interest to me is, how does he do on a bus trip through Iowa or on rallies in Iowa or South Carolina or New Hampshire? We've only seen a tiny bit and that to me is the real test.”


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