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Psaki Refuses to Answer If the W.H. Is Concerned with Justice Sotomayor Spreading Covid Misinformation

‘I am just not going to weigh in’
By Grabien Staff


WEGMANN: "I know you don’t want to weigh in on ongoing litigation for the Supreme Court, but not long ago in this room, the Surgeon General told us that Covid misinformation was a public health threat. I'm wondering if the White House is at all concerned, given Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor's remarks about the Omicron variant, that maybe the danger is being overhyped and your message is not getting that?

PSAKI: "I think I just addressed this, didn’t I answer this question?"

WEGMANN: "You answered, are you worried that there’s misinformation that is being spread, so much so that even a sitting Supreme Court justice has an inaccurate picture of things?"

PSAKI: "Again, I’m just not going to weigh in on a specific legal argument made in the court."

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