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Psaki: We Have a Heartbroken President in the W.H. Now Who Is Worried About His Son

‘We’re all watching to see kind of what happens with this’
By Grabien Staff


PSAKI: “What is tricky to watch here, and what I think we’ll all be watching is, what do Republicans do with this on the Hill as it relates to their impeachment process baloney efforts, right? We didn’t see a lot of that yesterday, a lot of the tying of these charges to their impeachment efforts. If there are additional charges that we see from the Department of Justice that Andrew just alluded to, I suspect they’d try to do that. But right now, what we're looking at, and I think on the politics of this, you know, millions of Americans have dealt with family members who have dealt with drug addiction, who have dealt with alcohol addiction, who have dealt with a range of addiction. My bet is, right now, this is a heartbroken president in the White House who is worried about his son. We’re all watching to see kind of what happens with this."

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