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Psaki: ‘Yesterday, a Fully Vaccinated W.H. Official Tested Positive for COVID-19 off Campus’

‘The individual has mild symptoms’
By Grabien Staff

REPORTER: “An aide to a Speaker Pelosi tested positive for a Covid after having
Contact with Texas delegation that’s been around. Can you confirm that a White House official has also tested positive? And I’m wondering what does that mean for the prospects of the Texas delegation being able to sit down with president at some point at the White House?”
PSAKI: “Sure. Well, first let me confirm that Yesterday, a fully vaccinated White House official tested positive for Covid-19 off campus. In accordance with our rigorous Covid-19 protocols the official remains off campus as they wait for confirmatory PCR test. The White House medical unit has conducted contact tracing interviews and determined no close contacts among White House principals or staff, or the president. The individual has mild symptoms. We know that there will be breakthrough cases, but as this instance shows cases in vaccinated individuals are typically mild. The White House is prepared for breakthrough cases with regular testing. This is another reminder of the efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccines against severe illness or hospitalizations. And of course, we wish our colleague a speedy recovery. In terms of a meeting, there has not been a meeting planned and there hasn’t been changed to that. So I wouldn’t say it has an impact on that.”

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