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Putin to Reporter: ‘Can You Name a Single Fact that Definitively Proves Collusion?’

‘Where did you get this idea that President Trump trusts me or I trust him?’
By Grabien Staff


PUTIN (via translator): "As to who is to be believed and to who is not to be believed, you can trust no one. Where did you get this idea that President Trump trust me or I trust him? He defends the interests of the United States of America and I do defended interests of the Russian Federation. We do have interests in common that are looking for points of contact. The issues where our postures diverge, and we are looking for ways to reconcile our differences to make our efforts more meaningful. We should not proceed from the immediate political interests that guide certain political powers in our countries. We should be guided by facts. Can you name a single fact that would definitively prove the collusion? This is nonsense. Just like what the president recently mentioned, the public at large in United States had a certain perceived opinion of the candidates during the campaign. There was nothing particularly extraordinary about it, it's usual thing. President Trump, when he was a candidate, he mentioned to me to restore the Russia-U.S. relationship and it's clear that certain parts of American society felt sympathetic about it, and different people could express their sympathies in different ways."

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