Rand Paul: I Don’t Think Americans ‘Are Ready to Fight an Die’ for Montenegro
‘Do you think Ukraine and Georgia being in NATO  are good for our national defense?’


PAUL: “I guess I would reverse the argument and ask you the question, do you think Ukraine and Georgia being in NATO are good for our national defense? I think it’s a ridiculous notion. And the same people that want Montenegro they want Ukraine and Georgia. And they better think it through and ask the American people. And I guarantee, if you ask the American people, are you ready to march tomorrow to support Montenegro? Are you ready to march tomorrow? Are you ready to send your dollars, because none of these nations actually pay even close to their 2 percent? Are you ready to fight and die for Montenegro, Ukraine, Georgia? I think the people, really, I think if were asked that question, I think you'd find that many more with side with me than with the so-called bipartisan consensus up here that has spent us to oblivion and obligated us to fight everyone else's war.”