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Rand Paul on Left’s Rhetoric: ‘There Is Going To Be an Assassination If This Doesn’t Ratchet Down’

‘The other side need to calm the rhetoric down’
By Grabien Staff


PAUL: “We've asked the Democrats in general to try to ratchet it down and say, look, we want peaceful dialogue."
EARHARDT: "What did he say? Is he going to retract?"
PAUL: "We've heard indirectly from him that he didn’t intend to cite violence. And I take him at his world on that. I don’t think his intention to call people to be violent. But getting in some up with’s face, sounds like you want to get nose to nose with them. The problem is is rational people might back down, but what's going to happen when the guy comes with a gun to a rally or comes with a knife to a rally. There is going to be assassination if this doesn’t ratchet down. And I think the other side needs to really calm the rhetoric down."

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