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Rand Paul: Upon Fauci’s Advice, Dem Governors and Some GOP Governors Shut Down Schools

‘The kids need to go back in school’
By Grabien Staff


PAUL: “He has been blatantly dishonest throughout. Take the school situation. I debated. I had a war of words with him over the schools and I said that there is no evidence that children are dying in large numbers. There is no evidence of them being hospitalized in large numbers. The kids need to go back in school. I showed him the charts of Europe. I showed him the charts of sweden where the kids were still in school and he specifically rebuked it and said, no, the schools must be shut down. Now what he is trying to say is that he did not pass a law forcing schools to be shut down, but his advice was transmitted to the public health doctors and all of the Democrat states and the grommet don’t make Democrat governors shut down the schools, some others it too, but it is disingenuous and dishonest, he was in favor of locking the schools down and is now trying to backtrack it. But we have asked him to preserve his records because I believe that he was also involved in covering up the origins of the virus. He and many of his friends when they saw the sequence of the rna of the virus said holy cow, this looks like but the Chinese were asking us for research money last year. So we were alarmed from the get-go. But I think that there was a cover-up after they were alarmed about this, trying to cover it up.”

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