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Rashida Tlaib Says She’s Supporting the Assault Weapons Ban of 2019 Bill

‘I am supporting these laws unwaveringly’
By Grabien Staff


TLAIB: "I say to all of us here today, it's not normal that our children have to learn about gun violence in kindergarten, first grade, second grade. (Applause) And we all know  it doesn't have to be this way. During this week, as we bring awareness to gun violence with events all across the country, we must acknowledge that it is time to make a change. Safe storage laws, trigger lock requirements, assault weapons bans lead to fewer gun-related deaths. I am supporting these laws unwaverly and I will deter gun violence by supporting and standing up against the massive special interest groups that try to dilute our voice. I've co-sponsored — sponsored these bills and stand strong with them. Among them are assault weapons ban of 2019. It's a bipartisan Background Checks Act. (cheers and applause)”

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