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Reid: No One More Qualified To Be President than Hillary Since Founding Fathers

‘Absurd to say she’s not qualified’
By Grabien Staff

To find the last person who ran for president as qualified as Hillary Clinton, you would have go back to George Washington and the Founding Fathers, MSNBC's Joy Ann Reid said. 

"If you look at Hillary Clinton’s qualifications, since the founding fathers, has anyone tried to get president with more of a packed resume than Hillary Clinton?" Reid asked rhetorically on Friday. "I think you had shades of that because the idea of a former first lady is de facto not as qualified to be president but I don’t think that’s now but I think more of Bernie Sanders tripling down on the idea that her connection to big money, the fact that she’s connected to any kind of big money or big business makes her morally unqualified and corrupt. And that’s a different problematic argument."

"I think that’s the real problem and just on its face, absurd to say she’s not qualified," Reid added. 

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