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Reines: Hillary Would Be ‘Incensed’ if Russians Helped Her Win, ‘Russia Would Be Screwed Right Now’

‘She would say this is not going to stand, I don’t care who it benefited’
By Grabien Staff


REINES: And to Jill’s point I think we can boil the democratic message down to one word, which is guilty.
GURA: Okay, I accept that.
REINES: You know, it’s disheartening, it’s deflating watching chuck on the floor saying it shouldn’t be, about it is, a partisan issue. It is a divide. And I — the argument that the Republicans are making that they don’t do publicly but are saying to themselves and to each other is they think Democrats are going to play fast and loose with this. First of all, I can’t believe that’s the worst thing in the world that more people will vote. But what’s truly scary about this is, again, you know, forget about the fact even if Bob Mueller had been the Energizer Bunny the other day, he didn’t say much except the topics we’re talking about, about exoneration, about WikiLeaks and about the ongoing threat. And it was just not about Russia. Why would we be surprised about we have Donald Trump every day nearly saying it didn’t happen. It surely didn’t come to my benefit. Oh, by the way, come 2020, I’m ready to take more. And, you know, I try to avoid if Hillary had won stuff, but if she had won, let’s just say the exact same circumstances, if she had won the Electoral College by 70,000 votes and someone said, hey, we think Russia was helping you, she wouldn’t bury it under the rug. She would be incensed. She would say this is not going to stand. I don’t care it benefited. Russia would be screwed right now because she would be saying this isn’t acceptable. If you do it again or if we see you do it again — and by the way, we are seeing you do it again, we’re going come back pretty hard. So this should be something above Politics.

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