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Reliable Sources’ Panel Warns ‘Right Wing Media’ Could Spark 70s Style Irish Civil War

‘Is it about sectarianism festering in America?’
By Grabien Staff

STELTER: "That word referring to hostilities between believes may conjure up thoughts of the Middle East in places like Iraq. But there is a different broader way to look at this and some exerts are saying the idea of warring factions is happening now in the United States. They call it political sectarianism. In fact, 16 researchers who came together and wrote a paper by this defined it as the tendency to adopt a moralized identification with one political group and against another. They say sectarianism is urging and based on this chart that maps out how in the United States feelings of warmth toward the opposing party have been on the decline since the early 2000s. In many cases it just boils down to hate. Hate of the other side. And you could see how demonizing de humanizing language in the media contributed to this. Just the other day, Tucker Carlson likened to journalist to animals. And said he truly hates them. So this notion of political sectarianism is a new way to think about why figures like Carlson express so much vitriol for people they consider to be on the other side. And I’m sure you see all of the nonsense about how he feels about mask. His extreme view. Talking about child abuse which makes it hard for anybody else to have a rational conversation. When you see stuff like this on TV like Jesse waters on fox last night saying look the liberal is a mental disorder. You could see in the banners, you could see where political scientists say sectarianism is surging. One country, one population with sects that per seed the other side as enemies and of all of the tech giants making insane profits off of the echo chambers, the rest of us might be broke because of it. So when I see lies in the news, almost every story this week involving big and little lies, I think why. What is the root cause? Is it about sectarianism festering in America? Well let me ask one of the researchers behind that study, Eli Finkel is a professor of psychology and management and he is with me at this hour. Thanks for coming on the program."

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