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Rep. Adam Schiff on Possible Pardon of Flynn: Trump Is ‘Acting Like an Organized Crime Figure’

‘It will be exactly who he is on his last days of the presidency’
By Grabien Staff


BERMAN: "As you know well, Michael Flynn pleaded guilty then tried to withdraw those guilty pleas. He cooperated with the Mueller investigation, then uncooperated. Now CNN is reporting that the president is considering pardoning him and soon, what message would that send?"
SCHIFF: "Well, it would send a message that at least as far as President Trump is concerned, if you lie on his behalf, if you cover up for him, he will reward you, he will protect you, but only if he thinks it’s in his interest. There are others that lied for him that he’s not going to extend that kind of service to. But it just frankly reflects so ill on our democracy, on the United States. Imagine what people around the world think when we have a president who’s acting like an organized crime figure. But this is who Donald Trump is. It’s -- it's who he was on his way into the presidency, it will be exactly who he is on his last days of the presidency."

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