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Rep. Adam Schiff: Rosenstein Leaving Part of a ‘Slow Moving Saturday Night Massacre’

‘Rod Rosenstein should under no circumstances resign’
By Grabien Staff


SCHIFF: “Well, first of all, Rod Rosenstein should under no circumstances resign. If the president tends to obstruct justice, Rosenstein should require him to be fired. He shouldn’t take a step affirmatively and essentially let the president off the hook. This looks to me like a slow moving Saturday Night Massacre. It seems like the only question is whether these steps take place now or they take place after the midterms when the president believes he'll pay less of a political price for it. But the fact that these steps, the firing of Comey, pushing out Rod Rosenstein, whether it’s done now or later, the firing of the attorney general apparently seems contemplated after the election. Those are in their cumulative form the same as the Saturday Night Massacre and all designed for the same end, and that is to give the president direct control over investigation in which he might be implicated."

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