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Rep. Castro Floats Impeachment of Trump if Court Orders on Exec Order Ignored

‘If you do it repeatedly you’re putting yourself in the impeachment realm’
By Grabien Staff


HAYES: "What are you hearing from your constituents at this moment, congressman? Particularly I wonder after you use the word impeachment or talk about the possibility that if there was a violation of the sort of authority of our article three courts, that could open up to that. What is the feedback like to your constituents?"
CASTRO: "Everybody is obviously very concerned and nobody takes the idea of removing a president or impeaching a president lightly and no one should. It's historically very significant and so it's not a light hearted thing. It's not a whimsical thing. At the same time, I think most people would agree that this president has behaved in an extraordinary manner. And ignoring or flatly disobeying a court's order is also very significant and if you do it repeatedly you're putting yourself in the impeachment realm."

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