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Rep. Dingell on Biden Docs: ‘I Don’t Know That He Was Trying to Hide It from the American Public, That Is a Person’s Interpretation’

‘This President has indicated he wants to cooperate’
By Grabien Staff


DINGELL: “You know, I don’t know that he was trying to hide it from the American public. That is a person’s interpretation. The Department of Justice has come very quickly, I think the attorney general wants to make sure that this is a full and complete investigation. They had lawyers immediately involved. They were given the guidance how this should be handled and I do believe I want the facts and I want the facts in both cases. Certainly I believe that this president has indicated he wants to cooperate. He has told people to go and look at all of his files and see if there’s anything there and that’s a very different approach to someone who moves boxes of classified material because they don’t want them to be found. They don’t return them when they’re being looked for. They have to get – have to go and bet subpoenas to be able to look for them. I think that’s a very different approach to dealing with this issue.”

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