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Rep. Dingell on the W.H. Staff: I Don’t Think They Got a Role at the UAW Strike Negotiating Table

‘I do not believe that president should intervene or be at the negotiating table’
By Grabien Staff


DINGELL: "First of all, I do not believe that the president should intervene or be at the negotiating table. I have said that from the beginning. But, you know, if anything that the pandemic has just taught us is that, like, who's in an office and who's working. I talk to Gene Sperling multiple times a day and have all summer. So, there are — I don't think they have got a role at the negotiating table. I think every one of us that are policymakers and other stakeholders need to understand what these issues are, what we can do to support those discussions at the table, and what we need to do coming out of these to help make a strong, viable, competitive industry that's employing American jobs. And I'm not going to let these electric vehicles be built in China, even though someone else says they want to build 100 percent in China. I'm fighting to make sure they're here with good-paying American jobs."

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