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Rep. Doug Collins: Adam Schiff Is Hiding Behind His Gavel To Avoid Questions on False Statements, Sham Process

‘Why are they hiding this stuff from us?’
By Grabien Staff


WALLACE: "So you want to bring him in before the committee, not just to present a report but to take questions from Democrats and to be cross-examined, if you will, by the Republicans?"
COLLINS: "He needs to be. He's put himself into that position. If he chooses not to, then I really question his veracity and what he is putting in his report. I question his, you know, the motives why he is doing it. It is easy to hide behind a report. It's easy to hide behind a gavel in Intelligence Committee behind closed-door hearings. But it is going to be one another thing to actually get up to have to answer questions about what his staff knew, how he knew, what he did about the whistleblower report, his interactions that he's had with Ukraine, the other things he's had over time with this process, and also why he has still not released documents to our committee and reports to our committee that we need to actually proceed in our committee of the Judiciary Committee, which is the committee of impeachment. I have a question: Why are they hiding this stuff from us? If they think they have such a case, give us all the materials and don’t let Jerry Nadler write a crazy letter that says, 'On the 6th, let us know who your witnesses are.' We don't even have the information from the Intel Committee yet. This is why this is a problematic exercise and simply a made-for-TV event coming on Wednesday."

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