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Rep. Espaillat: Dreamers ‘The Best Economic Development Program That We Have as a Nation’

‘These are young people that want to contribute’
By Grabien Staff

ESPAILLAT: "We met with Nancy Pelosi, the congressional Hispanic caucus, and she again stressed her complete support for the d.r.e.a.m.ers and DACA. And I am confident that come mid-january, she will stand by us and we will not move one day more, unless the plight of these 800,000 young people is addressed. And so this is an American story. These are young people that want to contribute. They’re, perhaps, the best economic development program that we have as a nation. Let’s give them a chance to come fully in and really pay taxes, really make sure that they’re part of the American D.R.E.A.M. And that they resolve their own personal status. I think that our leadership is aware of that and they are committed to it. And I think that we’ll bring that again up January 18th. And I will again vote against it if it’s not included in that piece of legislation."

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