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Rep. Ilhan Omar on Afghanistan: ‘I Am Absolutely In Favor of the President’s Announcement to Withdraw Troops’

‘I think it is long overdue’
By Grabien Staff


OMAR: "I am absolutely in favor of the President's announcement to withdraw troops. I think it is long overdue. I actually authored an amendment that failed last year to get President Trump to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan, and I think that the withdrawal of troops, you know, being imminent, is an important thing. It's time, I guess, for us to start to think about and have conversations, really, about what happens, right, what happens after we leave. And, you know, the idea of using our resources and our bandwidth in regards to diplomacy and development is going to be essential because now that we don't have to utilize all our resources in defense and have that not biased goodwill, I think that there is an opportunity for us to continue to have a relationship and, you know, continue to advance the rights of women and children and girls to make sure, right, like progressives and people who are able to be innovative in their communities and in the arts and such are able to do so with our advocacy and our aid, that we continue to do that, that we do continue to fulfill our promise of resettling refugees from Afghanistan and processing them."

(Via the Hill)

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