Rep. Jackie Speier on Russia Hacking DNC: ‘This Was an Act of War’ Against America
‘I’m not convinced that they did not get into the [voting] machines’


MATTHEWS: "Let's talk, are you going to try to get some more interesting characters, like oh, Donald Trump Jr., are you going to try to get them to testify in public so that citizens get to watch them in public and decide if they believe him. I say that because people imply they don't really believe Donald Trump Jr. When he shows up, because he doesn't really have a credible face."
SPEIER: "Well, we are calling for public hearings and would be delighted to have junior at a hearing. This has been an act of war by Russia and it should not be lost on any of us that they have used multiple platforms to undermine this democracy, whether it was the TV stations or Facebook. Or hacking into our political institutions, the DNC, and the Republican national committee, or furthermore, hacking into the very election system, both the voting records and I'm not convinced that they did not get into the machines. And that is what we have to spend a lot of time on."