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Rep. Katko Defends Infrastructure Bill Vote: ‘Win for the American People’

‘There’s a lot of big wins for American people, big wins for our economy’
By Grabien Staff


KATKO: “Well, I look at it this way, are — of course, we’ve got a big raucous family on the Republican side and we don’t see eye to eye on everything, that’s okay. And I don’t see it as a win for the president, but as a win for the American people and the average blue collar person driving to work in their car has $1,000 a year in maintenance to their vehicle because of the sad state our roads and bridges and I think about those and clean drinking water and attracting businesses from overseas. When you think about computer chips, they need a ton of water to manufacture computer chips and we need to bring those back home. You want to talk about a supply chain issue, these are big wins for our economy. Neil: Donald Trump doesn’t see things that way, congressman. Are you worried about being primaried.”

(via Fox News)

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