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Rep. Kinzinger: ‘Unacceptable’ for the President to Directly Negotiate with Taliban

‘The president did the right thing by walking away’
By Grabien Staff


KINZINGER: “You know, it’s a couple of things. There’s nothing wrong with negotiating. Every war in history ends in some kind of a negotiation. Where I’ve been very concerned in this process is the idea that the negotiation, you know, success, quote unquote, is simply having the Taliban talk to the Afghan government. There actually needs to be a peace deal between them that’s enforceable. But I think what really is beyond that and really struck me in really disbelief is the idea that Taliban leaders, in the week of 9/11, but even beyond that, Taliban leaders were going to come to really the area in the United States, not too far from New York, Camp David, that has been a place of such wonderful things that have happened in the past. You know, negotiations between nation states can happen there, but a terrorist organization that doesn’t recognize nation states, that kills innocent women and children, that denies women the right to really even be in the same room as their husbands is just a minor part of the terrible things that they do. To have them at Camp David is totally unacceptable. The president did the right thing by walking away. I’m very concerned, though, that we were really close to having Taliban leaders there.”

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