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Rep. McCarthy: ‘Sickening’ Dems ‘Using This Opportunity to Enforce Their Socialism’

‘It’s about pot, prisoners, about politicizing election law, prioritizing illegal immigrants and pensions’
By Grabien Staff

DOOCY: “Well we’ve already heard — thank you — we’ve already heard from Senate Republicans that it’s the DOA in the Republican controlled Senate. You’re in the House, you’re not crazy about it either.”

MCCARTHY: “No I’m not crazy about it. Democrats are not crazy about it. Democrats talked about this bill going nowhere. It’s really sickening that the Democrats are using this opportunity to enforce their socialism. Remember what is the bill they just passed on Friday? Well it’s about pot, it’s about prisoners, it’s about politicizing election law, prioritizing illegal immigrants and pensions. These are all things that are socialist wish lists that they’ve been trying to pass long before COVID ever came to this land and that’s exactly what they are trying to do knowing that it will not go anywhere. They are just using this as an opportunity to restructure government. And I’m not just saying that that’s what Democrats say. Joe Biden said it the other day. Their whip said it, Clyburn. It goes beyond AOC, it is now throughout the entire Democrat socialist base of what they want to utilize this opportunity to, because when we wanted to help small businesses with their loan , Nancy Pelosi went to the freezer to stop it.”

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