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Rep. Mullin: ‘Absolutely a Lie’ for State Dept. To Claim Credit for Americans I Helped Rescue

‘When I seen the State Department come out and take credit for this, it is absolutely a lie’


MULLIN: "They got present on the second day. We traveled over 300 miles with Miriam — not we personally, not me, I was actually in the United States, over 300 miles from Kabul — up through this region. I’m going to leave where we actually brought her across out of it because we hopefully will get more people through. But we had her there for 24 hours before the State Department was even aware she was there. They didn't show up until a few hours after we had actually — or before we got her across. So for them to say they facilitated it, that’s a lie. We had to go through over 20 checkpoints. Each one of those checkpoints, you had to pay money to get through because of the Taliban. On the day that she was actually able to come across, she was actually told, because I was on the phone with her at 3:00 Central Standard Time in the morning, and they said, 'If you come back, we’ll kill you.' And so we were negotiating — we, we were negotiating back and forth. The State Department was actually told at one time, actually told the embassy and the country not to assist us in any way. Quote that came from the ambassador said, 'Washington, D.C., Representative Mullin, said I’m not to assist you in any way.' It was until the second day that we almost had her out that the State Department came in, and when they came in, they did come in to help, I’ll give you that, but for them to take credit and say they negotiated with the Taliban, our guys with the Sentinel Foundation literally walked across the bridge and was trying to negotiate with the Taliban. Not the State Department, our guys. The Sentinel Foundation, who is nonpolitical whatsoever, they don’t even want to be in the picture, they do this all over the country — or all over the world, they were taking on the negotiation. When I see the State Department come out and take credit for this, it is absolutely a lie."

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