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Rep. Slotkin on Rep. Jayapal’s Israel Comments: ‘She Apologized’

‘She called and reached out to me’
By Grabien Staff


SLOTKIN: "So, you know, it seems like every week when we come back from the weekend, there’s just a lot of inflammatory rhetoric that's just being thrown around that sort of leaders often forget that people are watching, that they take their cues, leadership climate is set at the top. So, I obviously didn’t agree with Rep. Jayapal’s statements. She walked them back. We also had some crazy, inflammatory statements yesterday about the connection between COVID-19 and Jewish people for someone who's been invited to testify in front of Jim Jordan and the Judiciary Committee. So I put out something that said, 'Can we just cool it on the rhetoric?' She apologized. She called and reached out to me, and we have a statement that we’re going — or a resolution we’re voting on. It’s very simple. It’s three paragraphs about support for Israel, so I’ll be voting for it. But everyone just needs to tone it down on Capitol Hill because the whole country is watching and taking their cues from us."

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