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Rep. Swalwell Keeps Hawking Conspiracy Theory: Yes, Trump’s an ‘Agent of Russia’

‘If he wasn’t taking orders, he wouldn’t take the interpreter’s note’

On MSNBC, some “conspiracy theories” are more equal than others.

On “Morning Joe,” recently announced Democratic presidential candidate, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) was asked whether he agrees Attorney General Bill Barr “disgraced himself” by saying he believes the Obama Administration “spied” on the Trump campaign in 2016.

Barr’s claim has been widely mocked in the media as a “conspiracy theory.” Swalwell agreed with MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough that Barr “disgraced himself” in saying the spying charge appeared to be true. 

Yet moments later, Swalwell advanced his own conspiracy theory, claiming President Trump is an “agent of Russia” who “takes orders from Putin.”

“You said even in January on MSNBC when you were asked by Chris Matthews if the president is an agent of Russia, you said yes. Do you regret saying that?" co-host Willie Geist asked Swalwell. “Do you believe that President Trump still is an agent of Russia? What do you mean by that?”

Swalwell said he doesn't regret saying this despite lacking evidence.

“He acts on their behalf,” Swalwell said. “ He puts their interest too often ahead of our own interest. And that, again, that affects opportunity at home. “

Asked if he still thinks Trump is “taking orders from Vladimir Putin,” Swalwell said he does.

“Well if he wasn’t taking orders, he wouldn’t take the interpreter’s notes,” the California lawmaker told Geist. “If he wasn’t taking orders he would release the report that he said he’s 100 percent exonerated with. And so why does he act so suspiciously with Russia in ways that he doesn’t act with Theresa May, or Macron, or Trudeau? Just all of my experience as a prosecutor tells me something is wrong with the way that he’s acting, the way that he’s lying, and that we should all be concerned about it.”

The hosts of MSNBC offered no pushback on the conspiracy theory, despite having just moments before attacked Barr as a “disgrace” for ostensibly advancing his own conspiracy theory.

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