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Rep. Swalwell Tells Doug Collins to Sit with Whitaker if He Wants To Be His Lawyer

‘You can go sit down there’
By Grabien Staff


COLLINS: “My point of order and I’m going to go back to this. Again, the majority does not care but this is outside the scope of this hearing, that was not while he was employed here and whether he outside had donors or not during the time he was not employed. Making no connection either way is not inside the scope of the hearing, it’s not the call of this committee. Now, you know, look, I’m outgunned over here and I have no vote,  this is not part of the call of the hearing. Mr. Swalwell, there’s plenty of things to do --” [crosstalk]
SWALLWELL: “Mr. Collins, if you want to sit down there with his lawyers you can go sit down there, but you’re not his lawyer.
NADLER: “The gentleman — gentleman will suspend.”
COLLINS: “And neither are you. If you have any questions that are directly part of this instead of running for president down there we could get this done."
SWALWELL: "You can sit down there, there is room.”

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