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Rep. Tim Ryan Urges Americans to Watch More MSNBC, CNN to Get Educated

‘Not fox, they don’t cover it at all’
By Grabien Staff


RYAN: "I think we need to continue to have hearings, we have to educate the American people about exactly what’s happened. People who watch MSNBC — not Fox, because  they don’t cover it at all — but MSNBC and CNN, they are following what’s going on. But a lot of those people that were in 'The New York Times' article or working two or three jobs, are struggling with someone in their family who has a mental illness, they're trying to pay for their kids’ college, they’re not paying as close of attention to this. So we need to make sure we are educating the American people as we move forward with hearings. Bring as many people from the administration in front of the Judiciary Committee, let the American people see what’s going on, and then let’s see where we are in a few weeks and a month or two. But we have to educate the American people. But, again, the robust message has got to be around these challenges that people are facing, around mental health, around tariffs and around getting the new economy going, because they’re struggling and they don’t have time to pay attention to all of this stuff."

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