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Rep. Tlaib Challenges Bank CEOs to Pledge to Stop Funding Fossil Fuels, Is Roundly Rejected

‘We are living through a climate crisis today’


TLAIB: “Yeah, I’m not going to ask you, Mr. Dimon, because you obviously don’t care about working class people and frontline communities like ours that are facing huge amounts of high rates of asthma, respiratory issues and so much more. Cancer rates are so high among my communities that I represent. So I’m not going to even ask if you’re committing to ending financing of new oil and gas projects. But, Ms. Fraser, Mr. Moynihan, Mr. Scharf, we are living through a climate crisis today. And the commitment to net zero requires a commitment to ending fossil fuel financing. It is important because I want you all to know, at the end, we’re going to pay the cost of the public health impact. These are people that you’re supposed to be serving, the folks that you’re supposed to be providing and supporting in communities. Anything else defies all logic and scientific evidence at our disposal.”

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