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Rep. Tlaib on Private FB Group: CBP Agents Exposed as ‘So Blatantly Racist,’ They’re ‘Trying to Dehumanize a Whole People’

‘I hope it goes farther than an investigation’


TLAIB: “I can tell you it was very clear the tension was high. Some of the reaction by some of the women and what they have been told by some of those you know, agents and those officers of the government, it just is very telling of the fact that not only is it chaotic and there’s a humanitarian crisis but also a culture from within to dehumanize a whole people. Solely — given the green light I think by this administration that that behavior is OK. Even when I was there, Hallie, an officer takes a picture of one of my colleagues without permission and laughing about it, in front of her superiors. And that alone tells you they’re not afraid that they are acting against the values, against their own, you know, oath they have taken to represent our country. It is very awful feeling I had going through. The tension was so high because I had just found out minutes before I got to the two centers about the Facebook page.”

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