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Rep. Waltz: Soleimani Kill Is What the Iranian Regime Understands

‘They’re emboldened by perceived weakness’
By Grabien Staff

WALTZ: "That’s right. Well, he was in Iraq. He was with the head of the Hezbollah, just rocketed our base and killed an American and then staged this attack on our embassy. Solimani was with him. The head of the Hezbollah said he’s an solimani soldier. Another piece to realize here is that the Israelis have said for years and the number of reports that they have wanted to take action against him and the Obama Administration declined it. I don’t know the voracity of those reports. But they’ve been out there for years. We’ve had opportunities to take them down and took decisive action on the part of our commander in chief. And for the critics who are going to say this is warmongering, no, this is peace through strength. This is deterrence. This is what the Iranian regime understands. They’re emboldenened by perceived weakness and they would continue their attack unless we took strong action and they’re deterred by strength and when we impose consequences.

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